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Educators, coaches, parents, and administrators agree that sports programs can be positive experiences for fitness and skill development but also in sportsmanship, fair play, and character development. The word character may need some explanation. Aristotle mentions character as 'virtues', or important elements of behavior that require practice. “One becomes virtuous by performing virtuous acts." Some of the more classical virtues are self-discipline, honesty, perseverance, responsibility, compassion and work ethics.

We are proud to say that at AISR, we do our best to practice and teach these concepts.

Stuart Brown

Athletic Director


Philosophy and Manual
The philosophy of the athletic program at AISR is consistent with that of the school in every aspect, and has been developed to meet the needs of our students in the elementary, middle and high school. Considering our school size and family-type atmosphere, students are encouraged to join because of the unique opportunity to participate and the social interaction that occurs within our sports program.

Our athletic program is intramural as well as inter-scholastic, meaning some students practice and play along with schoolmates (intramural) while others play against other schools or clubs (inter-scholastic). Considering only a certain number of students can compose a team for competition, our coaching staff will do their best to see that every student feels he/she is contributing and having fun.

The athletic program aims to meet the following objectives:
Provide students with the opportunity to develop basic and more advanced, specialized athletic skills, to achieve a high level of fitness, and to increase their knowledge of the game (tactics, rules, strategies).

The student-athlete will:

  • Work to grow and mature physically, emotionally and psychologically.
  • Acquire an increased measure of self-discipline as well as understand his/her value in pursuit of certain, clearly defined goals. Success will most likely come through perseverance and personal initiative.
  • Evaluate objectively defeat as well as success; consistently demonstrate and understand the value of fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Learn to accept constructive criticism and use it as a tool for self-improvement.
  • Learn to accept, respect and value necessary and responsible authority.
  • Learn to appreciate that participation in athletics is a privilege which caries certain responsibilities.

The athlete will gain from exposure to a variety of different cultures and individuals through the reciprocal housing program and therefore:

  • Learn to function successfully as host to incoming athletes.
  • Learn to be a proper guest in another person's home.

You will find everything you need to know about participating in sports at AISR in the Athletics Manual.

If your child will be participating in sports at AISR, we would ask you to read the Clothing Policy and please fill in and sign (student and parent signatures) the Athletic Agreement with your coach.

Team Sign-Up Process

  • All athletes are notified of season dates through announcements, AISR website, bulletin board notices, and by teachers.
  • Try-out forms can be found at the front desk or from the Athletic office.
  • AISR Athletic Agreement forms and medical forms must be completely filled out, signed and returned to the athletic department before the athlete will be allowed to participate.
  • A physical examination must be completed by the school nurse.
  • Tryout practices are for students as well as the coaches. Students are given two weeks to tryout in the sport and then they can decide if they wish to continue on the team. Coaches will advise the students as to their status on the team. Once a student decides to continue on the team, they must follow the team rules, guidelines, and expectations set forth in the Athletic Agreement and are committed to the team until the end of the season.

Team Membership

  • Any student who wishes to become a member of a Shark athletic team must be willing to accept the guidelines, rules, and regulations governing our sports programs. Additional regulations may be added by each coach for their respective sports and by a host school.
  • By joining an AISR Sport Team, a Membership Fee is required which includes the official Shark logo practice and warm-up outfits. This is a one-time fee for all AISR teams and includes the warm-up suits and practice (PE) outfits that are for the student to keep.
  • In addition to the one time membership fee, a fee is required when joining a team which covers items such as transportation, officials, accommodation, coaches salaries, awards, facilities and tournament fees etc. This fee varies depending on the tournament venue and length of the season and approximately 50% of the total amount, as AISR covers at least 50% of these fees to encourage sport participation.
  • Pride and school spirit are important aspects of school life and our teams. Shark warm-up suits are required to be worn to all games and sport events.
  • Students are encouraged to attend all scheduled team practices and athletic events. If a problem in attending is anticipated, the coach must be contacted personally. If absent from school on game day, permission from the school administration is required to be eligible to play.
  • If a student leaves during the season, he/she will need a written reason for doing so and may forfeit the privilege to join the next sport season.

The Athletic Agreement
This agreement is to ensure that students, parents and/or guardians have a complete understanding of the expectations involved when a student becomes a member of the AISR Athletic Program. Please read the agreement carefully, sign and return it to the Athletics Director, Stuart Brown.

The Athletic Department requires that once each year students and parents sign an Athletic Agreement, when a student joins their first sport season at AISR. This agreement sets a code of standards and describes the most important requirements for participation concerning attendance, behavior, commitment and specific consequences. This agreement reinforces the seriousness of these standards.
Coaches will have students read and sign the agreement during try-outs. It will be returned to the athletic office after parents sign it as well.
Although designed specifically for our middle school students, the GROUP concept below explains to our students what is expected from them when they choose to become one of our team members. It is also a guideline for our high school students. The Athletic Agreement outlines the most important concepts.

If you have any questions regarding the Athletics Program, please contact Stuart Brown.

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Athletics Manual

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